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What You Get as a Member

Access to every item in the Design Library

with up to 20 downloads per day (limited to keep download bandwidth available for all members).

Help keeping it all organized

No need to store, organize, or manage supplies (unless you want to). Just download what you need for your project and delete it when done (or not—it’s okay to keep downloads, too).


Check out our 12 Layout Ideas guide, layered templates, and galleries for creative sparks.


Upload to our members-only gallery and offer creative encouragement to other members through gallery comments.

Does This Sound Familiar?

You Feel Disorganized

...and you're spending tons of time organizing and reorganizing your memory keeping supplies.

In the Design Library, supplies are organized by type and theme, making it easy for members to find and download what they want. There's no need to store, organize, or reorganize the supplies anymore.

Even so, as a member, you can keep your downloads and continue to organize them on your own, if that's how you roll (but, you don't have to and that's pretty cool).

You Don't Know Where to Start

...the number of options are overwhelming.

I've been there. The first time I sat down to create a page, I made a common mistake: I started with the design. There were so many pretty papers, colors, and elements to pull together, but I didn't have a clue how to do it (this was long before I became a graphic designer). Consequently, I sat in front of a blank sheet of card stock for over 2 hours and did nothing except wonder where I should start. It wasn't until after my first album that I realized the place to start was with the story. Everything else supports the story—or is a visual expression of the story.

Now, I choose one story and go for it, pulling together the photos and words to tell it. Then, I visit the Design Library for elements that support the visual expression of it.

You Have a Limited Budget

...and you don't want costly supplies.

The monthly membership costs about the same as 1-3 kits (depending on the designer). However, you get access to everything in the library with up to 20 downloads per day. That's an amazing deal when it comes to the cost of supplies.

You Don't Have a lot of Time

...and being short on time, there's no way all of your photos become meaningful stories.

And that's a good thing. Not all memories—not all photos—make good stories. Also, selecting the photos that best represent your most important memories while letting the rest go is a great way to save time.

Another way to save time is to skip page decoration (did I just say that?). That's why the Design Library includes a mix of supplies. Some focus on just photos and words, others invite decorative expression.

Select what you need from the Design Library to fit your time and creative appetite.

You Want to Try Things Out

...before you sign up for membership.

That's me, too.  So, there's a free sample (left).

You Want a Way Out

...if the library doesn't meet your needs.

Seriously, I get it. That's why there's an easy cancellation process (in the member dashboard). No questions asked.

You've Had Trouble Sharing Memories

...because your photos (aka important memories) seem to get lost in the cloud after a few weeks.

If you're having trouble finding that amazing photograph of you with your best friend at the beach, you're not alone. Many of the "go to" sharing sites on the web don't make it easy to find or revisit memories older than a week or two.

Luckily, if you'd like to share your memories again and again, a photo book or slideshow are great options and the Design Library has what you need to give your books and slideshows an artistic touch.

We'll Provide the Ideas and Supplies, You Make the Art

Become a Design Library Member for $14.99/Month