1 of a Kind

The Story

I love everything about you, like your:
- Beautiful smile
- Sense of wonder
- Love for small critters
- Happy spirit
- Enthusiasm

Tech Details
I added extras to my image. And via Photoshop, I created a b/w gradient map with #634924 at 42% (stop) to create the sepia toned effect.
I used the 1 of a Kind kit for this project.

Story Reflection

I tell a lot of stories, but this time I wanted to create more of a tribute piece. Valentine's Day heavily influenced my mood and how I went with this little celebration about everything I love about little Duncan.

What went well: Really liked creating the heart paper with a rip. Also, the organic nature of the rip against the strong rectangular/geometric shapes is something that I really dig. As for the story, it was fun to create a little Valentine's tribute to Duncan.

What was difficult: Changing sizes from a 12x12 (original) to the 8x10 format so that I could add it to a photo book was about the only challenge that I had. But, I'm glad I did switch this up because I prefer the non-square format.

My biggest take away: How much I love drawing embellishments and creating patterned paper. This hobby is a blast for me on so many levels.

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