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About Photos + Words

It can be a challenge

…to find the right tools, inspiration, and time to turn your experiences into stories—even when you’re a seasoned storyteller. Plus, it takes courage to step up and be seen through your visual stories.

It’s also incredible how your stories can help you discover, celebrate, and calibrate your life. Revisiting your stories gives you an opportunity to make sure you’re as engaged in life as you want and focused on what matters to you. It’s awesome what your visual stories can do for you (and others in your life).

Here at Photos + Words, I help story-telling-creatives like you build photography, writing, and graphic design skills, using a workflow that fits your time and creative appetite.

I can’t wait to learn about you and your story.

Photos + Words: Works in Progress

We’re just getting off the ground, but here are a few things we’re working on to help you tell your story:

  • Print and Cut materials and Digital Kits to add creative convenience to your storytelling efforts.
  • Courses, Projects, and Workshops to help you:
    • Develop photography, writing, and visual storytelling skills.
    • Create digital or physical vignettes and displays (e.g., slideshows, scrapbook pages, etc.)
    • Use laptop, tablet, and smartphone applications—for everything from observation to story creation.
    • Master graphic design and layout skills to tell your stories, beautifully.
    • Build a creative workflow that fits your time, skills level, and creative appetite.
  • Weekly articles with ideas and inspiration to help you tell your stories.

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Who is Liz?
Liz Ness is the geeky engineer-turned-photographer-turned-visual-storyteller behind Photos + Words. She lives in the Pacific Northwest and is often flummoxed by fashion and what to have for dinner, but finds it easy to beat the 1 in 10,000 odds of finding four-leaf clovers (and is beginning to wonder if that’s a made-up statistic). Also, she digs photography, writing, and graphic design.