One Arts & Crafts App to Rule Them All

Welcome! If you're like me, you love the Procreate app because it's:

  • Inexpensive (around $10)
  • Easy to use (it's so intuitive)
  • Mobile (so you can art it up while camping)
  • Flexible (enough for digital illustration and graphic design projects)

And, because you love it, you've been building your skills. You might even be making digital art supplies. Which means you've learned a thing or two about using the app.

It also means that you've come to the right place because this site is a resource for artists and crafty types mastering Procreate, linking you to the instruction and digital art supplies you need to make amazing things.

What You'll Find and Where

Essential Procreate Brushes - Stocked with over 35 free brushes, the Essential Brushes pack includes stamps and texture brushes as well as out-liners, confetti, and shaped brushes. Available to newsletter subscribers only. (Subscription is free.)

Digital Craft Supplies, Art, and Tools - Get everything from watercolor brushes for the Procreate iPhone/iPad app, to clip art, to seamless patterns in our Etsy shop.

Or, start with a freebie on us.

Made to Order – in our Society6 shop, you’ll find a variety of physical goods like coffee cups, pillows, and bags.

Some items coordinate with the digital goods in the Etsy shop, making them perfect for DIY kits you assemble for yourself or as gifts for your friends and family.

Video tutorials - Looking for a product walk through, some quick tips, or project inspiration? Please check out our YouTube channel.

Who Are We?

Liz Ness is the geeky engineer-turned-photographer-turned-graphic-artist behind A former writer for Photoshop Elements Techniques Magazine (and blog) and a freelance graphic artist, she's eager to share some of her favorite tricks, tools, and supplies with you.

Super power: Though she's often puzzled by what to have for dinner, she finds it easy to beat the 1 in 10,000 odds of finding four-leaf clovers (and is beginning to wonder if that’s a made-up statistic).


Duncan Ness is a skilled graphic artist and programmer that knows a ton about space, space travel, and rocketry. He designs and develops new products and photographs products for display and promotion.

Super power: He has the ability to find apple-flavored Izzes and moldy cheese inside people’s fridges even when they swore they’d never seen any.