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Storytelling with your photos+words is the best way to keep your memories from vanishing into oblivion. Start telling your story now—get a free Stash Pass with access to all supplies.

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You belong here.

Creating anything that matters has its ups and downs. I get it—especially, after working as a writer, graphic designer, and photographer. However, there's no need to go it alone. I'm here to help you achieve your storytelling intentions with inspiration and encouragement—you've got this!

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It's tragic when moments of our life vanish, taking the meaning of it into oblivion too.

I believe we aren't lost until we're forgotten. Oblivion is the enemy and a well-crafted story with our photos+words is the best way to remember our experiences, friends, and family and what they've meant to us.

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✓ Time-Savings Options: Save time with flat page projects
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✓ Stash Control: Add/remove supplies as you wish
✓ Joy: Having a stash of supplies makes easy to start and enjoy projects
✓ Download Options: Enjoy print-and-cut and digital projects
✓ Baked-In Organization: No need to store or organize (unless you want to)
✓ Search & Find Tools: Locate supplies by color, pattern, theme, and more
✓ Inspiration: Get visual inspiration for your next story
✓ Big Limits: 30 downloads/48 hours (to binge-craft over the weekend)
✓ Mobility: Work from any device, including your phone

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All you have to do is sign up to get the free supplies.

About that. Why are the supplies free?

As much as I (Liz) love making supplies for my own projects, I love sharing them. And, I don't want a lack/cost of supplies to keep you from your storytelling intentions either. So, the supplies are free.

Happy creating and kicking Oblivion to the curb

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