Practicing Our Intentions

A Closer Look

I've focused a lot on our intentions this month—about bringing together our thoughts and feelings on what we do with our photos and words, what motivates us, and why it matters. And, the one thing I've realized is that our intentions will be as unique as each of us and might change over time as we evolve, as creatives and as a memory keepers. While some of us will have overlaps, some of us will be wildly different when it comes to what we do, what motivates us, and why it matters. Our takes on this process will reflect both our individuality as well as our connections and similarities to each other.

For example, my take on why this hobby matters reflects my internal struggle between simplicity and complexity and a primary value that centers on love. But, what I make and what motivates me reflects a great deal of similarity and connection to others:

  1. I turn my photos and words into Instagram posts, online articles/posts, and layouts for photo books and albums.
  2. To document and "see" important moments and experiences.
  3. So I can experience, remember, and reflect upon my life's meaning and purpose by loving, being loved, and bringing attention to loving moments/experiences in a way that considers the broader meaning and implications (emotional, cognitive, physical, and spiritual) of these moments/experiences and nudges my journey forward in a good and truthful way.

You Can Set Your Compass by Them

As changeable as they are, having well-defined intentions provide clarity around goals and purpose. Ultimately, that’s the reason for going through the effort to define our intentions in the first place.

For instance, as I turn my attention towards creating (a pursuit I love), I find that my intentions slide a bit as I attend to craft and grow my skills and knowledge in a particular area of the craft. After a while, I forget why memory keeping matters to me because I’ve been focusing so much on specific photography, writing, or graphic design techniques and why they matter. Eventually, I start feeling a little lost and unclear about what memories I want to preserve and why. That’s when having a written intention comes into play. It reminds me of my “why?” while giving me clarity around my “what?” My intentions serve as a trajectory—a direction—by which to set my crafting compass.

The Goal is Action

However, while intention is meant to guide my actions, practicing my intentions is required to make them a reality. In other words, having an intention isn’t enough by itself. For anything to come of my intentions, I need to do things—I need to take on and complete projects—that align with my intentions. So that is where I'll be focusing more of my attention from now on.


I'd Love to Hear from You 🙂

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