Selfies: Self-Centered or Something More?

By Liz Ness on July 22, 2019

Some think the selfie is about ego—a self-indulgent celebration of the photographer's awesomeness. But, is the selfie really an act of narcissism? In a 2015 study a weak correlation was found between posting selfies and narcissism, but it wasn't significant enough to mean much. Not really. And, there was much to suggest that there is more to selfies than the self-centered craving for admiration that typifies narcissism.

So, what are selfies all about then?

As a memory keeping, landscape loving, and occasional selfie-taking woman I can only guess about the cultural implications. But, I can share why I've taken selfies. For me, it comes down to this, I want to remember that I:

  • Go to interesting places with my family even though I'm usually behind the camera and seem to be absent most of the time.
  • Can make it and have made it through struggle, sorrow, and other tough emotions (one of my heroines in this is Meredith Winn).
  • Spend time with people I care about, side-by-side (not always separated from them by my camera and lens).
  • Live a life that is common which helps me cultivate empathy for others and myself, I think.
  • Am enough as I am, flaws and all (which is why I dig Vivienne McMaster and appreciate the selfie activity in Dr. Brené Brown's Gifts of Imperfection course, so much).
  • Sometimes, I make mistakes and sometimes I get it right and the selfie is a great way to dial in my personal perspective and correct the notion I have about myself that I get it all wrong, usually.
  • Am a multifaceted person and the discovery process about who I am is both interesting and amusing.

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