"Best Fit" Supplies Survey

What Is the "Best Fit" Survey

The survey was designed to help you discover what supplies in the Photos+Words shop are a "best fit" for your current project.

The survey is meant to:

  • Save you time when locating supplies
  • Match your creative appetite, available time, and skills level with appropriate materials/kits

What to Expect

When you've answered all of the questions in the survey, the survey will deliver a suggestion (at the bottom of the survey) along with a link to appropriate supplies.

Can You Change Your Answers?

You may retake/replay the survey (and change your answers) in one of two ways:

  1. Answer all of the questions and press the Play Again button
  2. Click the refresh button of your browser

How much time do you have to design your story?

What is your creative intention?

Do you know how to add photos and words to printed supplies?

Do you know how to use digital page templates?

Do you know how to design a page with a sketch/template?

For this project, do you want to stretch your layering skills?

For this project, do you want to stretch your customization skills?

For this project, do you want to stretch your layout design skills?

For this project, do you want to stretch your visual storytelling skills?

Your "Best Fit" Supplies Are:
The Rapid Craft Kits

Based on your time, creative appetite, and your storytelling and design intentions, the Rapid Craft Kits are right up your alley. Just add your photos and words!
The Custom Craft Kits

For that custom touch that's mindful of your time and design intentions, try the Custom Craft Kits. These kits are flexible enough for customization, but designed to save you time.
The Artisanal Supplies/Collections

With time and a huge creative appetite on your side, the Artisanal Collections are sure to fit the bill. Combine these elements with others in your stash to create beautiful stories designed by you.