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Planning My Return to Analog

I want to use my hands to bring my stories together and feel the paper and photos.

Nervous Crossing the Campus

Turns out, my girlfriend was pretty good at match-making when it came to us.

Life is Wild and Beautiful

Life is beautiful and with time, it has a way of leaving its mark on things.

Where to Next?

In the evenings, huddle around the campfire, we’d tell our stories.

Not There. Here.

Spinning inside whirlpools, I see the truth of it: I’m an accidental tourist.

On Weaving Kite String

This photo is one of the threads in the kite string between Dad and me.

On Cultivating Vision

It’s an exercise: Observe, reflect, hypothesize, test, and repeat—again and again and again.

Why Story Matters So Much

It began as an appreciation for the albums mom created and became much more.

Under the Apple Tree

The old crab apple tree has sheltered generations and every apple is like a story.

Collecting Words

Words are lovely and worth savoring over the long term.

Shh…Don’t Tell My Sister

My sister said that I was a story photographer. I’m starting to think she’s right!