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Creative Challenges

The Scoop

When it comes to photography and storytelling with photos and words, I love to play, experiment, and practice. Doing so is both fun and a great way to develop or maintain skills. However, it's always so much more fun when you practice with others. And, that's how this page started.

Here, you'll find the creative challenges that I've set up for myself. If any of the challenges seem like something you'd like to do, too, I invite you to join in (each challenge provides steps for how to do that).

Let's play, practice, and create some fun together!

Current (First) Challenge

  1. Create three photographs that make up a story with
  2. Tell the story in six words (Six Word Stories is a great source of inspiration)
  3. Post your three frames and six words on Instagram with #3frames6words, for example:

Gave as requested. Where are they? #3frames6words

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