I’m Not Heartless

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Do you practice?

One of the things I've noticed about myself is that I'm a bit out of the practice of practicing. For example, I've been so wrapped up in learning, teaching, and learning about teaching and learning that I haven't had much time to practice photography. Likewise, I've been practicing a type of observation that looks for specific patterns in learning, rather than surprising patterns in nature (as I used to). Which is why I loved Drew Barrymore's book, Find It in Everything when I ran across it at the book store. In her book, Drew notices heart shapes everywhere and photographs them.

So, as I walked the beach this past weekend, I found myself thinking about heart shaped rocks and how many my friends and others have photographed at the beach over the years. Hearts are special. They symbolize love, friendship, and connection—in a tough, difficult to crack or break form. People love them. They're so popular, it turns out, that you can find heart shaped rocks for sale on Etsy. Naturally, they seemed the perfect thing to seek out and photograph during my walk.

Except, they weren't.

Here's the thing, I sort of relish swimming across the current ever so slightly. So, hearts just didn't seem quite right. Plus, my geek-ish self craved something different; something more along the lines of...yep, that's it...basic shapes!



And, my favorite: Squares (I can almost see this as a tiny little camera. Hah!)...

But, just so that you know I'm not completely heartless...

I included one of those, too.

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