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Planning+Tracking Tools to Boost Your Memory

Capture Your Ideas • Create Printable Plans • Track Your Progress

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Keep track of your ideas and progress

Know where to start or restart projects

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Is Keeping Track of Your Ideas and Progress a Struggle?

  • Do you ever wonder where to start/restart your projects?
  • Are your ideas and plans scattered about in separate places?
  • Is it hard to remember your last step or where you left off on a project?
  • Have you had great ideas that you’ve lost because you didn’t have a way to jot them down?
  • Does trying to remember everything make you feel tired or overworked?
  • Do you wish you could focus more of your brainpower on things that really matter?

What's Inside...

The Story Projects Planner Add-On is sort of like a “memory annex.” Rather than asking your own brain to remember everything, you can use the tool to record story ideas, design thoughts, photos, where you are in a storytelling project, and more. This means you can use your brain for something more important: Telling your stories.

What You Get

Mobility: An “On the Go” Solution

Because the add-on is optimized for computers, tablets, and phones, you can jot down your ideas whenever and wherever you have web access. Likewise, you can update project progress—even if you’re telling stories on the go.

Private Listings: Perfect for Drafts

Add, update, or delete story ideas and intentions using the My Story Projects tool to create a listing that only you can see (see Privacy Policy).

And, since the project listings are private, this tool is ideal for writing first drafts of your stories.

Project To Do List: Track Progress

Check off steps in a project to do list and note your current task as a reminder for where to restart. Meanwhile, the tool will update your progress!

Usable Plans to View or Print

If you like to plan your stories, then you’ll dig the printable plan. As you jot down ideas (including photo ideas) the tool generates a plan that you can print. It’s a great resource to have on hand when you sit down to assemble your page.

Step 1
Add story ideas to My Story Projects tool

Step 2
Check tasks off project To Do lists

Step 3
When you’re ready, tell your story

Don’t forget your important ideas, thoughts, and plans. Write them down
—before your most important moments are lost or forgotten.

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Planning+Tracking Tools to Boost Your Memory

It’s the help you need to do more of what you love.