Seek Beauty

The Story

One of your favorite things to say is, "That's so BEAUTIFUL!" And, you seem to seek out the pretty, the fair, and the beautiful wherever we are.

I love that about you!

Story Reflection

Whenever I look at this photo of Duncan, I am touched. It's not the best picture ever and the flower is a bit sparse. But, how he looks at this flower and how he sees the world are inspiring to me. I could wrap myself up in a blanket of that feeling and view of his!

For me, this vignette came together pretty easily--with the exception of text wrapping. I always forget how to do that and have to look it up every time. I think I'll remember now, but I may make us all a video so it's easy to remember again next time.

My biggest take away is that I really LOVE the ProCreate app for my iPad. That swirl came together easily using that wonderful tool!

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