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Quick Fix #1: Organizing Photos

Sometimes, it's not just hard to find a photo we want—we might not remember we have it!


Go Ahead, Create a Scene!

When I met Erik, I was unnerved by his ability to switch from whatever he was doing to play.


Friends + Cameras Never Gets Old

I've started to think about how I might bring photo walks back into my life.

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On Weaving Kite String

This photo is one of the threads in the kite string between Dad and me.

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Thank You Rio & Susan

One balmy April day in college, my friend Rio asked Erik and me an interesting question...

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Under the Apple Tree

The beat up trunk and limbs of the old crab apple echo expressions of living and loving.


A Way to Be Kinder to Myself

The continuous work to correct the unkind narratives bubbling in my head.


Why Story Matters So Much

The experiences within my stories are evidence of the connection between us.

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On Cultivating Vision

Thinking about vision as an outsider looking in.