Hold fast to your experiences and memories via the craft of storytelling.



Afterlight 2: Test Spin

There is a lot to like about this application and I'll be recommending it to friends.


Storage and Renovations, Oh My!

Sometimes, you just need a little more space for things...or, do you?


Photo Sparks: Subtle Selfies

Include yourself in a photo, in a subtle way—one that centers on something else, but shows you were there.


What it Means to Be a Tourist

As some places evolve, important touchstones have a way of vanishing: Out with the old in with the new.

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Selfies: Self-Centered or Something More?

For me, a selfie is a powerful way to remember and acknowledge the paths taken.


Shh, Don’t Tell My Sister

Several years back, one of my sisters insisted that I was a story photographer, turning me into a student of the visual story.


Quick Fix #3: Crush Writer’s Block

What to do with that blank page that has you in its grip.


Story Sparks: Ice-Cream

Tell a story through photos, words, or both about ice-cream.


Quick Fix #2: Choosing a Story

It's not always writer's block that makes it difficult to start a story.