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You Want to Tell Stories

But it’s hard to carve out time, get organized, and know where to start.

A big reason it’s hard comes down to the visual design process. When the design process isn’t flowing, you can spend the bulk of your time selecting, organizing, and reorganizing artwork on the page. And, it can feel as if a single story takes forever. It’s so frustrating.

On the other hand, when the process flows it’s easier to organize and begin. It’s faster to create, too. Which means your stories quickly become something you can cherish, hold in your hands, and share. It’s pretty awesome.

Which is why I created Photos+Words, to help your design process flow—whether you’re a new or seasoned designer. For eample, the supplies in the Design Shop fit your time, design skills, and creative goals in a bunch of different ways. If you’re short on time or design skills, simply add your photos and words to ready-made design bases to create your stories quickly. If you have a little more time and are itching to flex your design skills, use your favorite supplies to customize a layout from the ground up.

Save time.
Be as creative as you want.
Quickly create cohesive looking layouts.
Organize your photos and words on the page.
Find inspiration for your own designs.
Tell your stories in visually beautiful ways.
Get Design Ideas and Supplies

Where to Start ↓

Your photos and words are the heart of your story which makes them the place to start. Once you have these, you’re ready to express your story in a visually beautiful way with design supplies from the Photos+Words Design Shop.

Free Samples

Print & Cut Journal Cards

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Digital Paper

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What You'll Find

 Print & Cut Supplies:

  • 3x4 and 6x4 pocket/journal cards
  • Art pieces/tags
  • 6x8 papers
  • 6x8 ready-made design bases (with sizing guidance for photos)

 Digital Supplies:

  • 3x4 and 6x4 pocket/journal cards
  • Art elements
  • 12x12 papers
  • Layered templates
  • Ready-made design bases

Connected Designs. All supplies have been created and organized by theme and color combination.

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