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What is Storytelling with Photos+Words?

The Bigger Storytelling Process

Though the following lists orderly stages within the storytelling process, the reality has a lot more twists, turns, and doubling back. Even so, the process looks a lot like this:

  • Stage 1: Live life and have adventures
  • Stage 2: Observe yourself (and others) having adventures and living everyday life
  • Stage 3: Generate a story idea—something you'd like hold onto about your life
  • Stage 4: Design and tell your story
  • Stage 5: Share/reflect upon your story (and life)
  • Stage 6: Make adjustments to your everyday adventures

And, repeat.

But, We Tend to Focus on the Design and Tell Your Story Stage

All but the Design and Tell Your Story stages (above) sort of fade into the background when we get ready to tell our story. And, a lot of internet attention seems to focus on that stage in particular, glossing over the others. I suspect this dialed-in focus has a lot to do with giving us some mental space so that we make some creative decisions. Decisions concerned with:

  1. Content: Whether the bulk of our content is in the form of photos, words, or visual design elements, do we have enough of it to tell our story?
  2. Theme and Colors: Do we have what we need for the underlying structure of the story? For example, what do we intend to communicate with our words and photos and what colors will we use to bolster the ideas visually?
  3. Form and Size: To tell our story, will we create a video clip, a slide for a slideshow, a picture for a frame, or a page for a pocket album or photo book? And, what size will it be?
  4. Arrangement: How will we organize all of our elements—photos, words, and other visual elements—on our page or within our frame?
  5. Creative Approach: Will we approach our story project in an analog way, printing, cutting, and working with a paper layout? Or, will we approach the project digitally, using software to arrange and assemble our layout?

Ready to Start Telling Your Story?

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