Quick Overview of the Storytelling Process

The Story Process

Though the following lists orderly stages within the storytelling process, the reality has a lot more twists, turns, and doubling back. Even so, the process looks a lot like this:

  • Stage 1: Live life and have adventures
  • Stage 2: Observe yourself (and others) having adventures and living everyday life
  • Stage 3: Generate a story idea—something you'd like hold onto about your life
  • Stage 4: Design and tell your story
  • Stage 5: Share/reflect upon your story (and life)
  • Stage 6: Make adjustments to your everyday adventures

And, repeat.

Workshop Activity

If you are willing to share in the comments below, please list one action you'll take this week to do more with your photos+words. What's next for you in your storytelling journey?

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